Payroll card programs

Payroll card program from IBOX BANK is considered a convenient way to pay salaries, bonuses, compensations, expenses for business trips amd other accruals for employees of your Company using international payment card Visa.


Advantages for your Company:

  • optimization of expenses and time related to payment management and payroll accounting for employees is performed remotely from your office at short notice
  • no breach of working rhythm during the days of payroll payment
  • less work for the company accounting section: accounting functions reduce to issuance of bank order for an overall amount of salary and registration of payroll payment, and all operations concerning placing salary to a card account are performed by the Bank
  • no expenses on safety management when carrying money from the Bank and giving it to employees
  • establishment of individual tariffs for settlement and cash services during payroll accounting

Advantages for employees:

  • free settlement of goods and services in a sales and service network all over Ukraine
  • settlement of goods and services via Internet
  • receipt of loan limit in the form of overdraft to a payment card
  • safety of your money is provided by modern technologies and reliability of chip cards.
  • participation in common projects of the Bank and international system Visa
  • individual approach to servicing of each client
  • 24/7 support of clients with payment cards.
  • monitoring your balance by means of SMS-informing
  • 24/7, safe and confidential access to your money in cash mashines of IBOX BANK network