Veocard is an exclusive card created in partnership with a leading fintech company Moneyveo. Unique design and possibilities for customers that have been carefully thought out to create the most relevant product for loyal users of Moneyveo products.

Documents required to open the Veocard:

  • passport of a citizen of Ukraine
  • a document issued by the state tax service certifying the assignment of a taxpayer identification number to them.

VEOCARD tariff package (181.12 Kb)

How to fill out application-agreement??

We suggest you to get familiar with the typical application-agreement to open the Veocard card. Detailed information on the terms of banking services for individuals can be found through the link.

Veocard standard application-agreement form (299.29 Kb)

Essential characteristics of the Veocard banking service (184.28 Kb)

Useful information

With the aim to inform our customers as much as possible about the financial services offered by Veocard, IBOX BANK has prepared the most important pieces of data describing the product. You can get familiar with the data via the posted documents below:

Warnings and possible consequences for the client in case of using the bank service “VEOCARD” (130.22 Kb)

Recommendations for clients of JSC “IBOX BANK” on detecting phishing websites and avoiding cases of increased risk of losses for the user of an electronic payment instrument (180.23 Kb)

Notice about the need to inform the bank immediately about the loss of an electronic payment instrument. (191.82 Kb)