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Trade POS-terminal

Trade POS - a service of the Bank, which allows trade and service enterprises to accept for payment for goods and services cards of two leading international payment systems Visa and Mastercard, the national payment system "SPACE" through POS, - Bank terminals, as well as accept payments by smartphone or NFC-enabled accessories.

JSC IBOX BANK offers the tariff from 1,3% to 2,2% of the amount of transactions using EPS, excluding VAT.

JSC IBOX BANK provides the whole cycle of connection of outlets to the system of payment by plastic cards. Our experts will provide full consultation, prepare a contract, install the terminal and teach how to use it.

How it works

The payment scheme through the POS-terminal is attended by: Cashier (seller), Client (buyer), Bank-Acquirer, Bank-Issuer, payment system. The scheme of interaction at the point of sale is as follows:
EPS reception point
The Buyer independently / with the help of the cashier of the point of sale pays through the terminal of JSC IBOX BANK (Acquire Bank).
Bank Acquirer
The acquiring bank makes a request through international payment systems (IPS) to the issuing bank for permission to conduct the operation.
Issuing bank
Upon receipt of a positive response from the Issuer, payment is made and the cashier returns the purchased goods / Upon receipt of a negative response in authorization, the cashier of the outlet offers to pay for the purchase by another card or in cash.

Benefits of trading terminals from IBOX BANK placing

Installing a POS terminal allows to increase sales by attracting buyers who buy goods and services not for cash, but by paying by bank cards, smartphones or accessories with NFC support.
High level of payment security. The Bank meets the latest requirements of international security standards in the field of PCI DSS card payments.
Provision of terminal equipment. The Bank installs POS-terminal models that allow serving conventional chip cards, magnetic stripe cards, contactless payment cards and modern Apple Pay and Google Pay payment solutions. It also provides support for the "multimerchant" function, which allows the use of one POS-terminal by several entrepreneurs to separate financial flows for the sold goods or services.
Reducing the cost of collection, storage and processing of cash.
Risk minimization.
Reducing the risk of financial losses arising from personnel errors accepting cash and issuing change to a client.
Implementation of a non-cash refund of the amount of money for the returned goods.
Control over the implementation of transactions and payments.

Communication types to connect

There must be a free electrical socket for the operation of the terminal directly close to the installation point (no more than 1.5 meters from the terminal). A network cable or an installed socket have to be brought out.
GSM / GPRS (SIM-card)
Terminals operating on this type of connection can be portable, that is, they are not tied to a network cable. When choosing this type of terminal, it should be taken into account that the operation of the terminal depends entirely on the quality of communication provided by the operator, on the workload of the operator's base stations, on accidents or work carried out by the operator.
This type of terminal can be installed if there is a wireless Wi-Fi Internet with a static IP address on the territory of the outlet. To install a terminal, the client must provide network details (password for connection if a network name is required).


Standard 2%
from the amount of the transaction using EPS, excluding VAT; monthly rent for using the terminal UAH is 400.00, incl. VAT*
Classic 2,2%
from the amount of the transaction using EPS, excluding VAT; monthly rent for using the terminal is UAH 350.00, incl. VAT*
Individual tariff
There is a possibility of loyalty to the needs of the client by establishing a reasonable individual tariff - JSC IBOX BANK offers a tariff from 1,3% to 2% of the amount of transactions using the EPS, excluding VAT; monthly rent for using the terminal is UAH 400.00, incl. VAT*
*(during martial law, the monthly rent for using the terminal is not charged)

To install a POS-terminal at n outlet, you need to take only two steps, which our managers will be happy to help with:

  • Open an account at JSC IBOX BANK;
  • Sign an application-agreement on the provision of the "Trading POS-terminal" service.

After signing the application-agreement, the specialist prepares the required model of the POS-terminal, and the representative of the outsourcing company will install and teach the staff how to use the POS-terminal.

Application for а trading POS-terminal
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