Transportation of valuables

Cash collection services from IBOX BANK take into account individual needs of your business, flexible tariffs, maximum reliability and risk minimization!

IBOX BANK offers the following cash collection services and transportation of valuables:

  • collection of cash and sales revenue – placing to an account of the Client in IBOX BANK, and without opening an account in our Bank
  • delivery of currency valuables, including salary
  • transportation of currency valuables to other banking institution (under conditions of constant and single relations)
  • support and collection of branches of other banking institutions

Advantages of our services:

  • qualified staff
  • own special vehicle park
  • servicing by a team of Bank collectors escorted by an armed response unit
  • individual schedule of cash collection
  • providing the Client with consumable materials (bags, seals)
  • the Bank bears full financial responsibility for safety of transported valuables as from the moment they are given to cash collection service
  • risk reduction of losing money during transportation.

Tariffication is calculated individually for each client depending on difficulty of the task, location of facilities and amount of money.

Department of transportation of currency valuables and cash collection: tel.:(044) 205-41-98,  
e-mail: [email protected]