Transportation of valuables

Collection services from IBOX BANK – it is taking into account the individual needs of your business, flexible tariffs, maximum reliability and minimization of risks!

IBOX BANK offers the following services for collection and transportation of valuables:
  • providing of services for transportation of valuables for individuals on the basis of a preliminary signed agreement.
Advantages of our services:
  • qualified staff
  • own fleet of specialized vehicles
  • servicing by a team of the Bank's collectors accompanied by armed guards
  • individual transportation schedule
  • providing the Client with consumables (bags, seals)
  • The Bank bears full material responsibility for the safety of the transported valuables from the moment of their transfer to the collection service
  • reduction of risks of loss of funds during their transportation.
Tariffs are calculated individually for each client depending on the complexity of the tasks, the location of objects and the amount of cash.

Department of transportation of currency values and collection of funds: tel.: (044) 205-41-98,
e-mail: [email protected]

Collection rates for clients of the Bank and other banks (155.04 Kb)