IBOX BANK became a principal member of Visa


IBOX BANK received the status of a principal member of the Visa international payment system. This event is one of the key stages in the development of your Internet-acquiring.

2020 is a breakthrough year for us: principal membership in two main international payment systems will allow us to develop our commercial Internet-acquiring as efficiently as possible”, said Svitlana Goliak, the acting Chairman of the Board of IBOX BANK.

The status of a principal member in the largest international payment systems is, first of all, a confirmation of the bank’s status as an important participant in the transaction business in its country. This expands the possibilities of working with calculations and gives access to new abilities of payment systems, first – the Internet-acquiring.

Clients-legal entities of IBOX BANK will be able to access new Visa products, technologies and expertise, giving the bank the opportunity to expand its range of services to key clients.

Individual customers will have access to all the possibilities of Visa card products offline and especially online. It was one of the priority goals for IBOX BANK throughout 2020.

IBOX BANK has long and productively cooperation with Visa in the card business. Now we will direct the cooperation to a new level and hope to implement many interesting projects in the field of e-commerce”, said Maksym Zinin, the Director of the department of retail products of IBOX BANK.