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Send coins to the front: IBOX BANK has joined the NBU charity campaign “Brave Hryvnia”


The first transactional bank IBOX BANK has joined the charitable campaign “Brave Hryvnia”, initiated by the National Bank of Ukraine. Over the next three months, the collection of coins in denominations of 10, 50 coins and 1, 2, 5 and 10 hryvnias will continue throughout Ukraine. The amount of raised funds will be transferred to the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The promotion will last until October 31, 2022, and during this time everyone can donate coins for the needs of the Ukrainian military at IBOX BANK offices throughout the country.

Mobilization of funds to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine is one of the priorities in the work of the National Bank since the beginning of the war. On February 24, the National Bank has opened a special multi-currency account to help Ukrainian defenders. Funds for it come from citizens and enterprises of Ukraine, as well as from the international community. For five months after the start of a full-scale war, more than 20 billion hryvnias were transferred to this account. However, the war continues, and support for the Armed Forces of Ukraine is needed now, as in the first days of the war.

A significant number of small coins, including coins with a face value of 10 coins. (28.5% of the total number of coins in circulation) and 50 coins. (9.3% of the total) is often not used by citizens for cash payments and lies in piggy banks or pockets. At the same time, these funds can help Ukrainian defenders to protect the country from the Russian invaders.

“For five months now, Ukraine has been courageously resisting the enemy. Each of us joins the approach of victory – someone at the front with weapons in hand, someone in the rear, helping our soldiers. The “Brave Hryvnia” campaign is a good opportunity to contribute to the victory, even if it is only 10 coins”, commented Oleksiy Shaban, the Deputy Chairman of the National Bank of Ukraine.

Starting from August 12, charity boxes will appear in IBOX BANK offices throughout Ukraine, in which each client of the financial institution will be able to donate in favor of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“IBOX BANK has been resisting the occupier on its frontline since the first days of a full-scale invasion. We donated our entire fleet of collection vehicles to the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, we support charitable foundations, we provide targeted support to military bases and individual units, as well as to civilian Ukrainians who need support. Today everyone needs participation in the Victory. That is why we have joined the “Brave Hryvnia” campaign, because we know that this is important for our clients. Therefore, everyone will be able to make a donation in favor of the Armed Forces of Ukraine”, said Petro Melnyk, the Chairman of the Board of IBOX BANK.

A small amount of coins can be placed in a charity box, the collection of the box will be carried out as it is filled during the day. A large amount in coins can be transferred without commission through the bank’s cash desk for further transfer to the NBU special account.

Currently, there are more than 14 billion coins in circulation worth more than UAH 5 billion. Interestingly, UAH 5 billion is about 70 modern BAYRAKTAR drones, or 25 HIMARS multiple launch rocket artillery systems, or 50 T-90 tanks, or 150 combat infantry vehicles.