Information on the increase of authorized capital


Dear customers!

In accordance with the requirements of the legislation, all banking institutions must increase their authorized capital to UAH 200 million.

On September 26, 2016, the Bank’s shareholders adopted a decision on an additional increase in the authorized capital, and as to May 30, 2017, UAH 77,549,600.00 was contributed. Thus, PJSC Ibox Bank has fulfilled the requirements of the regulator (the NBU) regarding capitalization.

Currently, the National Bank of Ukraine is considering a package of documents from PJSC Ibox Bank regarding the approval of the bank’s charter in a new version in connection with the increase in the amount of the authorized capital from UAH 122,454,500.00. up to UAH 200 004 100.00.

The package of documents is considered in accordance with the requirements of the normative legal acts of the NBU.
Approval of the new version of the Charter will be notified separately.