The rating of PJSC Ibox Bank was raised to the level of uaBBV-


The independent rating agency Credit-Rating announced the increase of the long-term credit rating of PJSC Ibox Bank (Kyiv) to the level of uaBBB-. The rating forecast is stable.

A borrower or individual debt instrument with a uaBBB rating is characterized by sufficient creditworthiness compared to other Ukrainian borrowers or debt instruments. The level of creditworthiness depends on the impact of adverse commercial, financial and economic conditions.


Rating history
Rating change schedule
Rating of the debtor
Action date rating forecast release report
The increase stable
Confirmation stable
The decrease stable
The rating stable

The signs “+” and “-” indicate intermediate categories (levels) of the rating relative to the main categories (levels). A stable forecast indicates that there are no prerequisites for a current rating change during the year.

Information on all ratings determined by the agency is provided in the information systems of REUTERS, BLOOMBERG, S & P Capital IQ and TRData.