Investment in the military bonds – is our investment in the Victory


Now everyone can contribute to the Victory of Ukraine over the occupying army by buying targeted government securities. This is an opportunity to support the country and the army in wartime, but in debt, because the money will be returned to buyers with interest.

We have created a service for the sale of military Bonds of internal state loans of Ukraine on our website. You can also buy government securities by calling the following phone number:


The Ministry of Finance of Ukraine issued military bonds specifically to finance the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the needs of the country in wartime conditions. Both citizens of Ukraine and foreign investors can purchase Bonds of internal state loans of Ukraine at banks-initial dealers. When buying bonds, the owner receives a fixed yield until the end of its term.

Everyone can be involved in the Victory of Ukraine! Continuing our fierce struggle against the occupier on all possible fronts, we are getting closer to Victory with each action. Today, the whole world admires our unity, and with each small victory we bring the end of the war closer, after which huge prospects will be opened for Ukraine – both economic and political, and the most importantly – we will regain our Independence and Freedom!