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IBOX BANK has launched an online transfer service by phone number


Despite the full-scale war, IBOX BANK continues its work and introduces innovations for the convenience of customers. Henceforth, the Visa Alias online transfer service (transfers by phone number) is available in our mobile application.

“In extremely difficult times for every Ukrainian, it is important to have the right orientations and a sense of the team’s strength and unity. Our team continues to work for our customers and improve, and all the challenges have only made us braver, stronger, closer and more united. A big victory consists of many small victories, so we believe that it is close”, said Petro Melnyk, the Chairman of the Board of IBOX BANK.

Thanks to the Visa Alias service, users of the IBOX BANK mobile application can link their mobile phone number to a payment card to receive transfers by phone number; and in order to send money to someone, it is enough to know the recipient's phone number or select it from the list of contacts in the smartphone. This approach eliminates the need for clients to use the recipient’s 16-digit payment card number, which simplifies the transfer operation and increases its security


How does it work?

Once you link your mobile phone number to your card number, you will not need to provide your card number to receive transfers.


To link the mobile phone number to the card number, you need to go to the “Settings” menu by clicking icon???? and in the “Transfers by phone number” section, activate the service for receiving transfers by phone number (Visa Alias).

To transfer funds to a mobile phone number, in the “Transfers” menu, you need to click on the phone book icon, where a list of your contacts whose phone number is linked to the card number will be displayed, and select the recipient.