IBOX bank received an award from Visa


Transaction bank IBOX bank received a commemorative award from the Visa international payment system for issuing the first non-bank Veocard credit card, it was made thanks to the joint work of IBOX Bank, Visa and Moneyveo.

Innovative banking product Veocard is IBOX Bank’s first product for non-bank lending, powered by innovative fintech company Moneyveo. Each Moneyveo client can register the card on their name for a couple of minutes.

Innovative solutions using advanced technologies allowed us to provide clients with a modern, high-quality service packaged in a familiar card format that has all possible bank guarantees and ensures a high level of security for consumers.

The integration between the Moneyveo and IBOX Bank systems allowed to implement an online reservation model for IBAN, card numbers, Client ID and other identifiers, which carry out further transactional exchange between the Processing Center, the bank and the fintech company in compliance with all Visa security requirements.

Veocard became the first credit card on the non-bank market with all the advantages of an international payment card. Veocard is a symbiosis of advantages familiar to consumers of bank cards and loyalty, flexibility and advanced technologies of the non-banking financial market. In particular, it is worth mentioning that only a passport and a personal identification number are needed to register the Veocard.

We will remind that IBOX Bank is a Ukrainian transaction bank, in February 2022 the NBU named IBOX Bank one of the most profitable banks in 2021.

Visa is a global leader in the electronic payments industry, enabling transactions between consumers, businesses, financial institutions and governmental organizations in more than 200 countries and territories.

Moneyveo is an innovative fintech company, a leader on the non-bank consumer lending market of Ukraine.