AgroComBank has started cooperation with the independent rating agency “Credit-Rating”


The corresponding rating characterizes AgroComBank as sufficiently creditworthy compared with other Ukrainian borrowers or debt instruments, and indicates the Bank’s confident position on the domestic financial market.

The stable forecast indicates the current absence of the prerequisites for a rating change during the year.
To determine the credit rating, the agency used the financial statements of PJSC “AgroComBank” for 2009-2013 and I-III quarters of 2014, as well as internal information provided by the bank during the rating process.

Among the main factors that support the level of credit rating:

  • openness and transparency of the bank
  • expected increase in the amount of authorized capital
  • values of most financial indicators that characterize the main aspects of the bank’s activity are acceptable for the banking system
  • balance of assets and liabilities by maturity

AgroComBank’s decision to cooperate with the Credit-Rating rating agency is motivated by professional experience, objective assessment and impeccable reputation of the agency among financial market participants.

“Credit-Rating” is the first specialized rating agency in Ukraine (since 2001) that provides services in the field of independent assessment of the creditworthiness of borrowers with determination of credit ratings according to the National rating scale. Since 2003, the agency’s ratings are officially recognized by the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine.

Accordingly, in connection with the concluding of an agreement with LLC “Credit-Rating” on determining and updating the bank’s ratings, PJSC “AgroComBank” terminated contractual relations with NRA “Rurik”.