International SWIFT payments

Do you need to make a transfer abroad to the account of an individual or legal entity? Use the currency transfer service through correspondent accounts via the SWIFT system. The transfer is possible both from the account and without opening an account.

To make a transfer using the SWIFT system you need:
  • to present a passport and a document issued by the state tax service, certifying their registration in the State Register of Individuals – Taxpayers (if the transfer requires the opening of an account)
  • to specify the exact details of the recipient of the transfer – the name of the recipient bank, location, SWIFT-code of the bank, the recipient's account number and others
  • to get the transfer control number
* If you are a non-resident of Ukraine, you must also have documents confirming the origin of cash currency of Ukraine.

To receive a transfer from abroad in the amount which doesn’t exceed UAH 400,000.00, opening of an account is not required, it is enough to apply with a passport to any office of IBOX BANK.

The amount of transfers to the current account is not limited.

Sample of a payment order in foreign currency or bank metals (92.86 Kb) It is used transferring of foreign currency or bank metals by individuals who are not engaged in business activities in Ukraine and abroad from the current account of the client.