Loan facilities

Use loan funds within the loan program "Loan facilities" from IBOX BANK. Loan funds are provided by instalments within the limit and period specified in the loan agreement with or without renewal of loan limit in case if client repays the given loan or its portion.

IBOX BANK offers several types of loans within the Loan facility:

Short or medium term loans for working capital financing, fulfilment of obligations based on foreign economic contracts, expansion of production etc.

Revolving (revocable) loan facility – enables client to get and repay the loan amount within the specified limit several times during the contract validity.

Non-revolving loan facility – enables tranches during the contract validity to get loan funds within the specified limit. Loan limit of the repaid loan is non-revolving.

Multicurrency loan facility – providing loan funds in national and foreign currency within one loan agreement.

Tranche loan facility
– providing loan funds in separate amounts on condition of repayment of the previous tranche.

Main advantages of Loan facility:

  • loan arrangement within a short time
  • flexible service tariff
  • flexible approach to defining pledge – different variants are considered
  • opening of an account, connection to "Client-Bank" system
  • Е-mail or SMS-informing about balance

Basic interest rates*
Currency UAH USD EUR
Interest rate (per annum) from 24.99% from 14.00%  from 12.00%

*Loan interest rate for each client is established on an individual basis. The amount of interest rate depends on the financial status of a borrower, loan agreement validity period and pledge liquidity.