Credits / loans from non-residents

IBOX BANK has a wide experience in servicing credits, loans, including financial assistance in foreign currency (hereafter – loans), from non-residents.

When servicing loans Bank provides the following services:

  • consultations when executing agreements
  • written consent to servicing operations pursuant to an agreement
  • operation support pursuant to an agreement
  • assistance when preparing reports

According to legislation residents can receive loans in foreign currency for the purposes, specified in the loan agreement. Loans are received in a non-cash form.

Type of operation Cost of operation
Payment for written confirmation about approval of an 
authorized bank on servicing credit/loan from non-resident
 1000.00 UAH 
(833.33 UAH + 166.67 UAH VAT)
Changes in the registration certificate 750.00 UAH a month 
(625.00 UAH + 125.00 UAH VAT)
Consulting on servicing credit/loan from non-resident 600.00 UAH a month 
(500.00 UAH + 100.00 UAH VAT)