Card package 4*

Ibox Bank understands your desire to feel comfort and get a high-quality service being busy all the time, so it has developed the Card package 4*.

Advantages of the Card package 4*:

  • international payment card Visa Gold
  • receipt of a full set of bank services within one offer
  • using bank products and services on favorable terms

After confirmation of the Card package 4* you get:

  • accrual of 3.00% per annum in national currency and 1.00% per annum in foreign currency to your balance on the card account
  • free opening of a current account in national currency for settlements and cash withdrawal according to the reduced tariff 0.80%
  • possibility of overdraft opening
  • 50.00% discount for obtaining additional Visa Classic card for payments online

Additional free services:

  • Information for clients goind abroad
  • SMS-informing
  • е-mail informing