Individual safes

IBOX BANK offers to use the service of valuables storing in individual bank safes for reliable protection of jewelry, money, securities, and documents.

Advantages of using individual bank safes of IBOX BANK:
  • safes are under round-the-clock protection in the specially equipped room which meets all modern requirements of reliable preservation of values
  • The bank guarantees the external inviolability of the individual safe and complete confidentiality
  • the contents of the safe are not described
  • access to the safe is possible at any convenient time during the Bank's business day
  • joint rent of the individual safe simultaneously by two or several persons is possible for greater convenience of the client
Promotional fare for Zhytomyr (224.13 Kb)
Tariffs for renting individual safes in Odesa (308.71 Kb)
Tariffs for renting individual safes in Kyiv, Head Office, Office №3 (302.90 Kb)
Tariffs for renting individual safes – Kyiv, Office №1 (443.35 Kb)

Application-agreement on property lease (rent) of an individual bank safe for individuals from 04/26/2021 (238.27 Kb)

Warning for the client in case of using the “Individual safes” service (117.30 Kb)

To draw up a safe rental agreement, it is enough to provide:

• identity document

• the original certificate of assignment of the registration number of the taxpayer's account card

Addresses for safes:

Head office, Kyiv, 9-A Dilova street, tel. (044) 205-41-75,
Office №1 ,: Kyiv, 47/49 Zlatoustivska street, tel. (044) 489-6595
Office №3, Kyiv, 101-Sh Sagaidaka street, tel. (044) 201-06-24
Zhytomyr, 22 Velyka Berdychivska Street, tel. (0412) 47-46-85
Odesa, 16Akademika Korolyova street, tel. (048) 740-93-31

To the attention of clients of JSC “BOX BANK”

We would like to inform you that new tariffs for services for renting individual safes to individuals and legal entities have come into force on April 1, 2020.

Archive individual safes are available at the link.