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Money transfers

IBOX BANK, for the immediate transfer and receipt of money transfers, offers to use the most popular international systems. IBOX BANK guarantees high speed of transfer delivery, absolute reliability, and security of movement of your funds. Payment of the transfers in the IBOX BANK offices are free of charge. You can send a money transfer both in Ukraine as well as in any country of the world.

Ibox money transfer IBOX MONEY TRANSFER
Immediate transfers and payments on a tariff which is affordable to the client in Ukraine

RIA Money Transfers new RIA Money Transfers
The third largest in the world remittance system for individuals.

Intel Express Intel Express
The remittance system provides individuals with the opportunity to exchange money transfers in more than 90 countries.

МониГрем MoneyGram
The remittance system that allows you to transfer in US dollars and Euros to 92 countries.

Вестерн Юнион Western Union
The remittance system is operating in more than 200 countries around the world, including within Ukraine.

Свифт International SWIFT payments
This is a transfer in foreign currency from an account to an account in another bank. The peculiarity of SWIFT payments is that you can transfer funds in almost any country in the world and in any currency. Transfers are available for legal entities and individuals without a limit on the amount.