Trade finance transactions

IBOX BANK offers main types of trade finance transactions aiming at risk minimization of settlement members and optimization of expenses based on transactions.

Cooperating with IBOX BANK you get:

  • structuring of trade agreements using trade financing instruments (letter of credit, guarantee)
  • consultations when executing a contract (agreement) with contractor
  • issue of import letters of credit (for importers)
  • issue of letters of credit in national currency
  • servicing of export letters of credit/ guarantees (for exporters)
  • servicing of the received letters of credit/ guarantees in national currency
  • granting of guarantees to provide trade operations within and outside the territory of Ukraine

Types of trade finance transactions:

Bank guarantees – a way to provide performance of obligations, where guaranteeing bank undertakes money obligation to a seller (exporter, beneficiary), having payed money instead of customer (importer, principal) in case if the last-mentioned fails to perform its obligations in full or partially when seller places demand and complies with all demands provided by the terms of guarantee.

Letter of credit – is a written undertaking of a bank that acts pursuant to customer's application and instructions (importer, principal), to pay seller (exporter, beneficiary) certain amount when providing documents following terms of letter of credit in due time.

Department of trade finance transactions: tel.: (044) 205-44-32