Deposit "Dilova propozytsiia"

If you want to receive a high income when placing funds for a short period, use the deposit plan "Business proposal" from IBOX BANK.

Currency of deposit ─ hryvnia
Minimum amount of deposit ─ 1,000.00 UAH.
Minimum amount of replenishment ─ 1,000.00 UAH.
Payment of interest ─ at the end of the term
Early partial withdrawal ─ not provided
Early full withdrawal ─ not provided

Currency of deposit Minimum deposit amount Minimum top-up amount Posting period annual interest rate
UAH 1,000.00 UAH. 1,000.00 UAH. 30 days 10.00 %
60 days 7.50 %

Documents necessary to open a deposit:
  • passport
  • VAT certificate
  • Private non-resident clients also give a certificate about the source of funds
The model agreement (218.07 Kb)