Special account for the voluntary declaration

Special account for voluntary declaration A current account with a special mode of use for a one-time (special) voluntary declaration – is a current account with a special mode of use, which is opened by the Bank of the declarant in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine  for the purposes of a one-time (special) voluntary declaration by depositing funds in cash in national and foreign currencies.


The period of voluntary declaration is until September 1, 2022.

Subjects of voluntary declaration:

  • natural persons – residents, including self-employed;
  • natural persons who are not residents of Ukraine, but who were residents at the time of receipt (acquisition) of the objects of declaration or at the time of accrual (receipt) of income at the expense of which the objects of declaration were obtained (acquired), and who, in accordance with of the Tax Code of Ukraine, are or were taxpayers.

Individuals who are not subjects of voluntary declaration:

  • persons who, before the date of the beginning of the one-time (special) voluntary declaration period, are minors/underages or incapacitated persons and at the same time are fully dependent on other persons (including parents) and/or the state, or are individuals whose legal capacity is limited and guardianship/trusteeship has been established over them;
  • individuals who, for any period starting from January 1, 2010, perform or have performed public functions in Ukraine, provided in clause 37 of the first part of article 1 of the Law of Ukraine “On Prevention and Counteraction to Legalisation (Laundering) of Criminal Proceeds, Terrorist Financing and Financing of Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction”;
  • individuals to whom special economic and other restrictive measures (sanctions) in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On Sanctions” were applied by Ukraine.

Assets which are not subjects of the one-time (special) voluntary declaration:

1. Assets obtained because of the commission of a criminal offense, except for offenses related to:

  • evasion from tax payment, mandatory payments;
  • evasion from the payment of a single contribution to mandatory state social insurance and insurance contributions to mandatory state pension insurance;
  • violations in the field of currency legislation;
  • violations in the field of protection of economic competition provided in Clause 12 of Art. 50 of January 11, 2001 No. 2210-III “On Protection of Economic Competition” with changes and additions.

2. Assets which belongs to the Client, in relation to which a pre-trial investigation or court proceedings have been initiated on the grounds of criminal offenses provided in Art. 212, 212 notes 1, as well as in Art. 366 (regarding tax and/or financial reporting documents, customs declarations, tax invoices, primary documents, other reporting on taxes, fees, mandatory payments), in Art. 367 (if the criminal offense is related to the violation of the requirements of tax, customs, currency and other legislation, the control of compliance of which is entrusted to the controlling authorities) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine dated April 5, 2001 No. 2341-III, as amended (hereinafter – CCU).

3. Assets of an individual or a legal entity which belongin to the declarant, in relation to whom legal proceedings have been opened for the commission of any of the criminal offenses provided in Art. 209, 258 notes 55 and 306, in parts of the first and second articles. 368 note 3, in parts of the first and second articles. 368 note 4, in Art. Art. 368, 368 note 5, 369 and 369 note 2 of the Criminal Code, and/or which are subject to recovery as unfounded in accordance with the procedure established in Chapter 12, Sec. III dated March 18, 2004 No. 1618-IV with changes and additions.

4. Assets originated from the territory of a country recognized by law as an aggressor.

Account currency: UAH, USD, euro.

Peculiarities of funds depositing:
The Bank accepts cash in national and foreign currencies for crediting to the declarant’s special accounts through the operational cash desk upon an application for cash transfer, the form of which is determined. During the one-time (special) voluntary declaration period and after the declarant submits the one-time (special) voluntary declaration, additional cash funds should be credited to a special account.

Peculiarities of funds withdrawing:
after confirming the sources of funds origin, the client submits a one-time (special) voluntary declaration of these assets to the tax authorities, and after that has the right to:

  • transfer funds to the individual’s own current account, opened in any Bank of Ukraine, and close the Special account;
  • withdraw cash and close the Special Account.

The list of documents that must be provided by the Client to open the Special Account:

  • identification document;
  • a certificate of assignment of the registration number of the taxpayer registration card;
  • documents that will confirm the origin of the funds;
  • a certificate of absence of a criminal record.

Documents required to open the Special Account:

Application of the declarant (122.76 Kb)

Declarant questionnaire (121.20 Kb)

Standard form of the Agreement on opening a current account for a one-time (special) voluntary declaration (232.52 Kb)

Tariffs for the service of the “Special account for voluntary declaration”

Tariffs of JSC “IBOX BANK” for the product “Special account for voluntary declaration” (166.98 Kb)

Warning for the client in the case of using the “Special account for voluntary declaration” service (122.25 Kb)