Bank guarantees

IBOX BANK offers all types of guarantees in national and foreign currency pursuant to contracts and agreements. Guarantees are used both for signle and multiple (cyclic) operations between customer and seller.

Advantages of registration of bank guarantees in IBOX BANK:

  • individual approach to defining tariffs and servicing
  • period of registration – within 3 days as from delivery of a package of documents to the Bank
  • receipt of guarantee without security
  • receipt of guarantee of payment deferment
  • receipt of inventory loan on more favourable terms comparing to the standard loan
  • using up-to-date data transmission systems SWIFT and "Client-Bank"
  • using trade financing instruments as an instrument for financing trade operations

An advantage for regular clients is that the guarantee registration period is reduced to 2 hours and document circulation is simplified within a general agreement.

Types of bank guarantees:

Guarantee of competitive bidding (tender guarantee) – provision of obligations of bidders to bidding customers. Guarantee is provided for bidders, whose condition is provision of bank guarantee.

Payment guarantee – is provision of payment obligations of customer-buyers to seller upon bills of goods and services. Guarantee is provided for payment deferment, receipt of inventory loan or confirmation of contractor's ability to meet payments.

Performance guarantee – is provision of contractual obligations of client-sellers to buyers concerning performance of obligations for delivery of goods and rendering services. Guarantee is intended for successful bidders or confirmation of appropriate performance of contractual obligations.

Advance repayment guarantee – is provision of obligations of client-sellers to buyers concerning advance repayment in case they fail to perform their contractual obligations. Guarantee is provided for confirmation receipt concerning usage of advance payment given to a contractor.

Tourist guarantee (guarantee of civil responsibility of a tour operator/ travel agent) – performance guarantee of travel agents (tour operators) to citizens of Ukraine under contracts for tourist services.

Conditions for granting of bank guarantees to companies:

Purpose – participation in public purchases or performance guarantee under contracts
Guarantee amount – according to competitive bidding documentation or percent of contract value
Guarantee period – according to competitive bidding documentation or contract for purchase of goods/ services
Guarantee currency – hryvnia
of competitive bidding guarantee:

  • up to 500,000.00 UAH – in blank regime
  • from 500,000.00 to 1,000,000.00 UAH – guaranteed by director
  • over 1,000,000.00 UAH – guaranteed by director and/ or partial financial asset

performance guarantee:

  • guaranteed by director and/ or partial financial asset

Department of trade finance transactions: tel.: (044) 205-44-32