Mobile application

Mobile application is a service that allows you to manage your own accounts, transfer money using a mobile phone 24/7. The Mobile application is designed for smartphones with iOS (iPhone) and Android operating systems.


Advantages of using the Payment application:

- Quickly.
Performing operations in the application takes a few minutes;

- Convenient.
No queues in the office and at any time;

- Remotely.
From a mobile device;

- Safe.
Reliable data protection, confirmation by personal and one-time passwords.

The following opportunities are available in the Mobile application:

  • to review your main and additional cards;
  • to manage your cards (blocking, unlocking);
  • to add cards to Google Pay or Apple Pay services;
  • to receive statements on the card transactions;
  • to carry out a transfer using the cards of the Bank or other banks.
  • to repeat any previously carried out transfer, using it as a pattern for creating a new transfer;
  • to review the history of payments carried out through the Payment Application;
  • to review current exchange rates;
  • to receive information on the location of the Bank's offices (including ATMs, payment terminals);
  • to activate / deactivate the biometric authentication function;
  • to view, to copy and to send card details;
  • to view the Bank's news and receive PUSH-messages with news;
  • to manage the language of the Payment Application (Ukrainian, Russian);
  • to review the Bank's tariffs;
  • to contact the support service: by phone, Telegram, Facebook;
  • to view information on a separate transaction carried out with the Bank's card.

Recommendations for safe use of the Payment Application (111.42 Kb)
Registration in the Payment application (86.35 Kb)
Notification of unauthorized access or change of customer information in remote service systems (111.68 Kb)